About Us

  • For over 70 years, Edwin A. and John O. Crandell, Inc. has been proudly serving the Mid-Atlantic region. We were founded in 1948 by Edwin A. Crandell and John O. Crandell. Our firm is a family owned business with many generations of experiance. We are dedicated to continue the same strong values that created our company.  
  • As a marine construction company, we have experience in the construction of numerous types of projects on or near water.  Some of those include the construction of boat ramps, bulkheads, bridges, cliff stabilization, coffer dams, concrete work, dredging, piers, pile driving, rip rap, stone revetments, shoreline and stream restoration, trails, travel lifts, complete marina, marine salvage and wave screens.  We can even provide complete packages through the design/ build process.  We offer services for barge rentals, towing and assistance on projects requiring equipment to be stationed in the Bay or surrounding tributaries. Our main geographic work area includes all of Maryland, Northern Virginia, along the Potomac River in Virginia and DC on a regular basis. Occasionally we have projects that are in Delaware, Pennsylvania and other parts of Virginia. 
  • Our clientele include, but have not been limited to: US Coast Guard, US Army Corp of Engineers, Department of the Navy, Maryland Department of General Services, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, The Smithsonian Institute, US Parks Service, US Forest Service, Maryland State Highway Administration, Maryland Environmental Services, Maryland Port Authority, Department of Homeland Security and The United States Naval Academy. 
  • We have received many safety awards, certificates of appreciation and numerous environmental awards. In 2000 we received an award from the MD State Highway Administration for having the Best General Environmental Project out of all the projects constructed for the MD State Highway Administration.  

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